Hello  :-)

Hey, we're glad you found us!  Meet us at the Eastmont Junior High auditorium on Sunday mornings.

Prayer & Refreshments 9:30am

Service: 10:00am

What to Expect at Our Services

Mid-Week Opportunities and Schedule

sundays @ Eastmont Jr High

Park in the lower parking area, accessed via N Grover Pl, and enter through the doors marked "Commons" at the end of the student drop off area (the cul-de-sac on the map).


The big game

Watch the Superbowl® on the BIG screen at Eastmont Junior High Auditorium. 

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905 8th St NE, East Wenatchee*

February 7, 2016

Doors open at 2:30; Kickoff at 3:30

Please bring (pre-cooked) food or drink to share if you are able. Your most comfortable sofa is also welcome.

This event is family friendly! Puzzles and toys available for the kids. Those who wish can participate in prop bets** for a prize at the end of the game!

*Park in the lower parking lot (accessed via N Grover Pl) and enter via the main entrance at the end of the student drop off area, labeled "Commons".

**Prop bets are guesses about silly things such as "Who will win the coin toss?" and "Will the singing of the National Anthem take more or less than 2 minutes 30 seconds?" The person with the most right answers at the end of the game will receive a prize!